God is Love

God is Love. Thats was evident at our “Celebration of Love” held on Aug 24, 2014. The church was filled with family and friends as 20 couples celebrated their jubiliee anniversary.


For some it was a 5 year milestone and others as much as 63 wonderful years ( in fact we had 2 couples celebrating 63) together as Father Ghislain presided the Sunday Mass and delivered a touching homily.


(Click on the pictures to enlarge them)

Many thanks to Rachel & Maurice (Sam) St-Pierre for sharing their words of wisdom, both very heartfelt and at times humorous, on their successful journey of married life. A quote from Rachel was “I took my vows very seriously and I still do today, as we are going to celebrate our 53rd  anniversary. And of course communication and prayer are also a very big part of our success and love for each other”.  Their testimony touched the hearts of many.


Father Ghislain and Father Francis celebrated the mass together.
Thanks to Father Francis for honoring us with his presence.

Thanks to the Choir and  Claudette, Mary and Lise from their touching songs as they helped us to thank and pray to God for the Love felt by many that day. Singing is praying twice.

Father Ghislain, we can’t say enough about his dedication to the Lord and as he puts it… “I speak many languages but I only understand one…that is Love”. He demonstrated in his homily the ways Love is apparent both with a song and a testimony and of course the blessing of the couples.

The meal served right after the celebration was a success!

Thanks to ALL who volunteered in any way, to those who donated in any way and to the couples for their dedication of love that makes this kind a celebration a pleasure and tradition that will continue in our parish.

And finally, from the hearts of the Liturgy committee, this event was truly a fellowship event that was fun to organize (a lot of work) but a great team building exercise and we are proud to have been part of this special day.



Thank you to all the volunteers who helped to organize this event!

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