September7, 2014, Prayer Intentions, Masses and Messages

23th Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ September 7, 2014


Prayer Intentions of Pope Francis for September

“That the mentally disabled may receive the love and help they need for a dignified life”.

His intention for evangelisation is: “That Christians, inspired by the Word of God, may serve the poor and suffering”


Sunday Mass : 10:45 am


Gloria: # 200|
Acclamation: d’Orge 3
Offertoire / Offertory:  See us Lord about your altar
Sanctus: Mass for Youth
Anamneses: Christ has died…
Amen: Pape
Agnus: A. Gagnon
Communion: Pour que l’Amour règne sur la terre
Sortie / Recessional:   Lord Jesus of you..

Weekday Masses:

Wednesday : 7:00 pm – Rosary before mass at 6:30 pm

Friday : 7:00 pm – Adoration before mass at 6:30 pm


Thought of the week

by Father GhislainNdondji OFM

In difficult times, have you ever had to ask where is God? Have you ever had that feeling that God is far from you, and he would be several thousand miles away? Often we feel that when we are going through a difficult time. Yet, regardless of the situation you are going through, regardless of the battle you are leading now, rest assured of one thing, you are never alone, God is with you. This was also the case of the disciples of Emmaus (cf. Lk. 24, 13-35). Often our sorrows prevent us from seeing God. Maybe you have been struck by misfortune: the loss of a loved one, loss of your job, health problems, a difficult relationship, a breakup. Maybe because of your grief, you have not seen God by your side. Rest assured, he was there and he is always there with you. He whispers in your ear: ‘I love you.’ Even when you do not see it, it is there, present, acting alongside you. Ask him then to reveal himself to you.


 URGENT APPEAL FOR PRAYERS – The Pope has invited everyone to raise up with one voice a ceaseless prayer for an end to the dramatic situation of the peoples in the north of Iraq, in particular the plight of the Christian Communities in that region. In the Angelus prayer of July 20, the Pope said, “May the God of Peace create in all an authentic desire for dialogue and reconciliation. Violence is not conquered with violence. Violence is conquered with peace! Let us pray in silence, asking for peace; everyone, in silence… Mary Queen of peace, pray for us!”

If you know of elderly or sick people who wish to receive the Body of Christ at home, or a visit from the priest, please contact Father GhislainNdondji: 819-648-5715 (Ste Anne), 819-453-7656 (St Charles Borromeo)

Choir Practices for adults will be held every Monday night at 7 pm.

St. Charles Parish is looking for volunteer lectors for Wednesday & Friday Masses as well as Sundays. Anyone interested please contact Joan, Colette or Esther.

Anyone wishing to become altar servants at Mass may do so by calling Colette or Joan.

Please note that the cemetery “guidelines” are available at the back of the Church. Please feel freeto take one.

Read more on the parish bulletin of the RCPCP:

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