September 28, 2014, Children’s Mass

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ September 28, 2014


Sunday Mass: 10:45 am

Songs: Entrée / Entrance: Voici le temps de la fête,  Gloria: # 200.  Acclamation: Taizé, Offertoire / Offertory: Thank You, Lord, Sanctus: P. Vallée, Anamneses: Nous proclamons ta mort..,   Amen:Pape,    Agnus: Erich Sylvester, Communion: Jésus nous a dit,   Sortie / Recessional: I’ve got the Joy

Weekday Masses:

Thursday: 7:00 pm – Adoration before mass at 6:30 pm

Friday: 7:00 pm – Way of the Cross before mass at 6:30 pm


Thought of the week


“Forgive us our trespasses, as we also forgive those who trespass against us.” Mt. 6.12
What to do before an offense. Remain attached to evil or forgive in order to be rid of it? In the prayer of Our Father the solution we suggest is to forgive, because we ourselves are in need of God’s forgiveness. Do not forgive it’s a bit like drinking poison and believe that it will hurt someone else. Even if the offense is considerable, forgiveness is the best choice. One frees oneself first and frees those who committed this evil. Forgiveness is never easy. Let us ask God for strength to do the right choice.
Have a Good week.


If you know of elderly or sick people who wish to receive the Body of Christ at home, or a visit from the priest, please contact Father Ghislain Ndondji: 819-648-5715 (Ste Anne), 819-453-7656 (St Charles Borromeo)

Choir Practices for adults will be held every Monday night at 7 pm.Choir practice for children will be held every Tuesday at 6 pm. The next children’s Mass will take place on Sunday September 28 (also the Blessing of school bags).
Father Ghislain will be blessing the children’s school bags for the New Year. All children and youth are welcome to be part of this special blessing.

St. Charles Parish is looking for volunteer lectors for Wednesday& Friday Masses as well as Sundays. Anyone interested please contact Joan, Colette or Esther.

Anyone wishing to become altar servants at Mass may do so by calling Colette or Joan.
benediction-animaux-blessing-animalsBlessing of the animals October 4th, 2014 – 2:00 pm, at the Millenium Park (situated at right of the church). Rain or Shine. Our Outdoor Ceremony will include music, prayers and readings from scripture. Each animal will receive a personal blessing. Everyone from other parishes are welcome!


Read more on the parish bulletin of the RCPCP:


Merciful God, in this time of increasing violence,
Peace and security are precious gifts entrusted into our hands.
Teach us to take care of our brothers and sisters who are in danger.

R/ May the mercy of God teach us to take care of people in the midst of conflict.

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