October 19, 2014, Masses and Messages

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ October19, 2014


Sunday Mass: 10:45 am

Entrée/Entrance: Glory and Praise to our God, Gloria: A. Dumont (français), Acclamation: Donald G. Reagan, Offertoire/Offertory: Voici notre don, Sanctus: Hosanna in the highest, Anamneses: Christ has died (Kelly Mc Closkey), Amen: R.Vidal, Agnus: A. Gagnon (français), Communion: Sons of God, Sortie/ Recessional: Tu nous appelles à aimer.

Weekday Masses:

Thursday: 7:00 pm – Adoration before mass at 6:30 pm

Friday: 7:00 pm – Way of the Cross before mass at 6:30 pm


Thought of the week

The law of love

This is my commandment: love one Reviews another, as I have loved you. (John 15: 12). In connection with the law of love, here’s a story I read recently: A newspaper told the story of a boy with cancer. He had lost his hair during chemotherapy. As a sign of sympathy and support, all his classmates had shaved their heads so that it he was not embarrassed when he returned. The newspaper showed a picture of the children with shaved head, with the title: “Everything we do, we do it together.” Wooowwww!
With his law of love, Jesus fixes two other laws which were in force before him: a) the law of vengeance and b) the law of retribution: do to your enemy exactly like he did you. What has been called ‘eye for eye and tooth for tooth “(Leviticus 24, 20)
Jesus introduces a third way: the law of love. No more vengeance, more than a quick succession, but choose to forgive to love. If there are people you have not forgiven, the law of love invites you to offer your forgiveness. By forgiving, you release but mostly you free yourself of the burden that prevents you from love.
Have a good week.


If you know of elderly or sick people who wish to receive the Body of Christ at home, or a visit from the priest, please contact Father GhislainNdondji: 819-648-5715 (Ste Anne), 819-453-7656 (St Charles Borromeo)

Choir Practices for adults will be held every Monday night at 7 pm.Choir practice for children will be held every Tuesday at 6 pm.

Recitation of the Rosary: Every Sunday before Mass during the month of October, which is themonth of the Rosary, we will recite the rosary.

Children’s Catechism for French and English Children from grades 1 to 6 will be held on October26 at 9:30 am. It will be followed by the Children’s Mass on October 26. To register pleasecontact: Colette Lafleur: 453-2078; Joan Dubeau: 453-7685; Nicole Lance: 453-2006; NicoleForrester: 453-2026

WORLD MISSION SUNDAY – October 19, 2014: Every Christian shares in the mission of the Church and all should become involved in today’s missionary work. One way to do so is by contributing generously to the World Mission Sunday Collection on the week-end of October 18 – 19.

PRIESTS’ RETREAT October 26 to October 30 – There will be no weekday Masses for Ste-Anne, St. Charles and St. John Parishes. Frs. Ghislain and Francis will be away during the week.

Read more on the parish bulletin of the RCPCP: http://rcpcp.com/


A Christian is merciful by nature; this is heart of the Gospel.

Pope Francis@Pontifex

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