October 26, 2014, Thank you to our Children

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time ~ October 26, 2014 


Sunday Mass: 10:45 am – Children’s Mass

Songs: Entrée/ Entrance; Voici le temps de la fête, Gloria: #200, Acclamation : Taizé, Offertoire: Thank you Lord,   Sanctus: P.Vallée,   Anamneses : Nous proclamons…, Amen: Pape,  Agnus : Erich Sylvester,  Communion : Jésus nous a dit, Sortie/Recessional : I’ve got the joy, joy, joy….

No masses in week


Choir Practices for adults will be held every Monday night at 7 pm. Choir practice for children will be held every Tuesday at 6 pm.

PRIESTS’ RETREAT – Please pray for the priests who are on retreat this week. Father Tanguay will be available in case of emergency: 819-647-5151 or 613-850-8043.

On Sunday November 9th we will remember members of our parish community that are deceased. Symbols (a cross, angel wings, etc.) are available at the back of the church entrance and we ask a family member or friend to take one home. Write the name of the person who died and perhaps add a picture and/or any appropriate decorations or words that you feel are relevant. These symbols will be hung before Mass on a “Memorium Tree” which will be near the altar on Nov. 9th

Also, on November 9th, only for those who have died in 2013-2014 a family member or friend will be asked to light a “special candle” in memory of their loved ones.

Christmas Supper – St. Charles Parish in the Church Hall on November 29-Doors open at 5 pm and supper is served at 6 pm Turkey supper with all the trimmings including roast beef and salads. There is a limited number of tickets available and the deadline to purchase your tickets is Nov. 22. For tickets please call Beverley Dubeau at 453-7661 or Maureen Racine at 453-7697.

Saturday-Sunday (November 1-2): Before going to bed, remember to turn watches and clocks back one hour.

Next Sunday: Commemmoration of all the faithful departed.

From November 1st to November 8th, a plenary indulgence, applicable only to the deceased, may be obtained by the faithful who visit a cemetery, a church or an oratory to pray for the deceased.

OUR PARISH CEMETERIES: Winter weather conditions cause decorations to deteriorate. It would be greatly appreciated if families would remove decorations from graves before winter sets in.

Read more on the parish bulletin of the RCPCP: http://rcpcp.com/


If faith is to be strong and healthy, it must be constantly nourished by the Word of God.

Pope Francis ‏@Pontifex




Thank you to our Children


God Bless the children and may God also bless those who teach them to sing and participate in our Sunday youth mass.

Today we would like to, as a church community, say a special thank you to all the children and teenagers who have taken part in our monthly Sunday youth masses.

To the choir, the readers, the greeters, the little ones bringing up the offerings, the altar servers, the ones doing the collection and of course our young musicians.

As we go into the second half of the year, we just want to let you know that all you do is greatly appreciated. It’s so nice to hear the voices of the little children. So again from the bottom of our heart … Thank You.!!

But please allow me to also express our gratitude to our musicians, Mary Lafleur and Lise Dumouchel for their countless hours of practicing with the children. And of course to Claudette Gravelle,  who is instrumental in putting the entire choir together…Thank you from all of us here.

Let us see the work of the good Lord in them and hopefully it will inspire us to answer to God’s call in a similar way.

Thanks to all and may God Bless and keep you healthy and safe to continue to do his work.

(Written by Joan Dubeau)

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